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Ward No 7


Brief Introduction 

Golmadhi, Yata, Inacho, Chorcha, Wachutol, Jagati, Simalaya, Wasigacha, Hanumanghat, Maheshwori and other localities of Former Ward no 6 and Ward no 7 have been merged during the state restructuring to form the present Ward no. 7 of Bhaktapur Municipality.

This ward is joined with ward no. 8 of Bhaktapur Municipality to the east ward no. 6 and 9 of Bhaktapur Municipality to the North and ward no. 5 to the West of Bhaktapur Municipality. The boundary extends to the Araniko Highway in the south of this ward and covers an area of ​​0.2998 sq. Km in Bhaktapur town.

The population of this ward is 7,563. The people of this ward have embraced agriculture as their main occupation and have been earning their livelihood by engaging in trade, employment and wage occupations.

There are 139 types of people living in this ward. Of these, 99 percent are Newars.


Socio-Cultural Heritage

Pati - 43

Pond - 4

Dug Well - 27

Bridge - 5

Mosque - 1

Temples - 15

Wahi - 2

Vihar - 1

Chaitya - 5

Dhungedhara (Stone tap) - 10

Sattal - 11

Dya:chhen- 3

Pilgrimage - Trivenighat, Maheshwarighat and Hanuman Ghat

Community and Institutional Schools - 4 secondary and 3 basic schools

Sports Ground - Maheshwari Sports Ground


Major touristic destinations

Chandra Vindu entrance gate

Maheshwari Dhwoka (entrance)

Pavo Ganesh Temple

Nityanath temple

Siddhi Ganesh Temple

Khancha Pokhari (Pond)

Kamal Pokhari (in front of Vada office)

Ganesh Pati

Godamdhi Pati

Hanuman Ghat Pati

Chorcha Gahiti Dhungedhara

Hanuman Ghat


Ward no.7 Ward Committee

Chairman: Ukesh Kawan

Member: Hari Ratna Gorkhali

Member: Ranjana Twati

Member: Hera Khyaju

Ward Contact Number: