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Ward No. 5

Brief Introduction  

Bhaktapur is a cultural and beautiful city. Ward no. 5 of Bhaktapur Municipality is located in the middle of the city. The boundary of this ward is Ward No. 7 (up to Adarsh) in the east, Ward No. 4 and 3 in the west, Ward No. 2 and 6 in the North and Araniko Highway in the South. The ward has a total area of ​​0.206 sq. Km.

According to the census of 2068 BS, the population of this ward is 6,425 including 3,264 females and 3,161 males. The number of households is 1,249 and the number of voters is 5,346. The ward is mostly inhabited by Hindus, some Buddhists and a small number of Muslims. This is the literate ward of the ward (96 percent).

Important Jatras of Bhaktapur Biska Jatra and Pulu Kisi Jatra starts from this ward. In the Biska Jatra, the lingo is raised on the last day of Chaitra in Yosinkhel of this ward and the procession is celebrated on the 1st of Baisakh. The Biska Jatra is celebrated for nine days and eight nights with various religious activities.


Historical, cultural sites and social, government and other institutions

Falta (Pati) - 33

Math and Temple - 34

Dug Wells - 37

Dhunge Dhara(Stone stream) - 15

Pond - 5


Major touristic destinations

Nyatapolha temple (5 Storey temple)

Bhairavnath temple

Tilmadhav Narayan Temple

Chatubramha Vihar

Jagannath Temple

Chasili Mandap

Vetal Bhajan Ghar

Bhagwati peeth

Bhadrakali peeth

Tripura Sundari Peeth

Kumari Peeth

Gay Bhimsen

Chandeshwari temple

Dolakha Bhimsen Temple (Sukuldhoka)

Tahafalta (court area)

Shivalayas at Chupinghat

Sukuldhoka math

Bul Bul Hithi


Ward no. 5 Ward Committee

Chairman: Yogendra Man Bijukchhen

Member: Krishna Pyari Bhuju

Member: Narayan Prasad Twanabasu

Member: Sarina Dyola

Member: Rita Fasikawa

Ward Contact Number: