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Ward No. 1


Brief Introduction

Previously Ward 17 but after federalism it was established as ward 1 of Bhaktapur Municipality. It is enclosed with ward no 3 and 2 on the east, Madhyapur Thimi Municipality on the west, Ward 15 of Bhaktapur Municipality and Changunarayan Municipality on the north and Suryabinayak Municipality on the south.

The total area of this ward is 1.6575 sq. km. According to the central census 2078, the total population of this ward is 9,901 among which female population is 5,051 and male population is 4,850. According to voter list of 2074, the total female voters are 2,345 and male voters were 2,106. The total household of this ward is 1,127 residing 2,342 families while the average size of the family is 4.2275 and the majority of the population here are Newars. 553 people are receiving Social Security Allowance Beneficiary.


Institutions in the ward

Educational Institution: 18

Social Institution: 35

Women's Group: 3

Hospital: 5

Governmental Office: 12

Financial Institution: 5

Cooperatives: 29

Industries: 12

Public Toilets: 5

Shops (upto Shrawan 2074): 751


Historical Places and Famous Ponds

Historical sites of Bhaktapur and famous ponds like Ta:pukhu (Siddha Pokhari), Nhu Pukhu(Rani Pokhari), Na:pukhu, Bhaju Pukhu and Kuthu Wahi, Bharwacho Dhoka(Bharwacho Gate), Chwonga Ganesh Temple are also located in this ward.

Similarly in this ward there are 83 temples, 1 dya:chhen, 2 vahi, 1 sattal, 4 ponds, 9 Dhungedhara(stone tap/fountains), 29 pati, 12 dug wells, 13 wells, 5 bridges, 14 chaityas, 2 parks, 6 doors, 6 dafa bhajans, 9 baja khalas, 5 Dance khalas.

This ward is also known for traditional historical and cultural genres like Hanuman dance, Natuwacha dance, Fakandali, Maka Pyakhan, Dhimeybaja, Basuribaja, Dafa and Bhajan.


Linguistic Ethnic Number by Percentage (Percentage in Brackets)

1) Newar speaking caste 114 (63.33)        2) Nepali speaking caste 57 (31.66)

3) Tamang speaking caste 4 (2.22)          4) Muslim speaking caste 2 (1.11)

5) Rai speaking caste 1 (0.55)                6) Magar speaking caste 1 (0.55)

7) Gurung language speaking caste 1 (0.55)


Ward no. 1 Ward Committee

Chairman: Shyam Krishna Khatri

Member: Surya Prasad Shrestha

Member: Gangalakshmi Bamanu

Member: Kalpana Shilpakar


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